Cloud connectivity and integration

The term cloud is being thrown around quite frequently these days. We understand the appeal of using someone else's infrastructure without the upfront costs and risks. However our approach to cloud migrations is based on reality and honesty. There are countless stories which end in moving all, or parts, of the services back on premise.

As an example, one of the features of cloud is its elasticity; being able to commit resources at peak times and give the resources back when they are no longer required. The reality is that many of an organization's applications are not written with this feature in mind. When running on-premises, these applications hold on to the resources, since for the most part, they have already been bought and paid for. If this feature is overlooked, which is often the case, the cost of the cloud migration could potentially disappoint the decision makers of an organization.

Moving to the cloud(s) is a more 360-degrees effort than many organizations envision initially. Having a trusted partner in this endeavor will greatly reduce the risks and increase the benefits. We at Networtix can help you with: